As a school board member my priorities will be:

Students first! We must provide the best education for our children to prepare them for higher education and the jobs of tomorrow.

Our teachers are the most valuable resource that we can provide for our students academic success. We want to recruit & retain the most qualified teachers who are dedicated to the success of our students.

Create a District Wide culture where families and staff feel respected, appreciated, and their needs are met.

School board members must be in touch with the needs of families & staff. They should visit school sites, create parent engagement opportunities, personally engage with employees and be up to date with the needs of the district. They should not make decisions based on assumptions.

Open communication between all parties is the first step to rebuilding trust & opening doors to new opportunities that benefit us all.

I humbly ask for your vote on November 6th.

Thank you,


About Me

I am a married mom of three boys & two dogs! I am a proud first generation Mexican-American California girl and I enjoy the Bay Area life with its diversity and never-ending cultural celebrations. San Jose has been our family’s home since 2003 and we love our community.



Join me as I work to create positive change for our students and our teachers!