About me:

I am a married mom of three boys & two dogs! I am a proud first generation Mexican-American California girl and I enjoy the Bay Area life with its diversity and never-ending cultural celebrations. San Jose has been our family’s home since 2003 and we love our community.

We became members of the Evergreen School District community in 2010 when our oldest began kindergarten. We quickly fell in love with our teacher and the school. I still remember my son’s first day because we were greeted by the principal & teachers as we walked onto campus. Nothing is more comforting as a parent as being greeted so warmly by the people that you are entrusting your child with. That first day began my journey as an advocate for education.

Since that day I have served on our elementary’s School Site Council, I was PTA President at the elementary school, PTA Room Parent coordinator, Walk ‘n Roll chair, Advocacy Chair for Evergreen Council PTA (represents all the PTA units within the school district), current PTSA President at our middle school, & Director of Advocacy for Sixth District PTA (encompasses all the PTA units within Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, & Monterey counties).

Advocating for our students at a local level has never been enough for me. I have invited our legislators to attend our school events and I have met with them in Sacramento. Solutions for improving our schools go beyond the school district. We need to collaborate with our legislators and hold them accountable! We also need to involve the community & businesses in our schools. Schools are part of our neighborhoods and they should be places where they also benefit the community at large.

Not only am I an active parent in our community, but I am also a substitute teacher who has seen & experienced what our teachers have to face every day with larger class sizes, the need for class aides, & the importance of supporting the teachers with the necessary resources to teach our students.

We need a parent voice on the school board. We need someone who has our kids best interests at heart. That person is me! I am a person of action. There is no challenge that I am not willing to take on. We cannot govern in fear. We must put the needs of the students first and take on the difficult tasks before us in order to ensure the success of our kids.